Just how Exciting is it to

We only manage to go every 3 years, so not done the magic bands yet, at the weekend I personalised ours on the web site for our August 2015 trip…talk about beyond excited…Daft of what.


Nope it’s all just part of the planning fun!

Totally understand. I believe the “they have shipped” is also exciting. Unfortunately we don’t get that as we’re overseas, but can’t to pick them up at check-in. My family didn’t quite get the excitement, but I think everyone here will.

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Are you kidding? It’s the best final step before actually being there! Of course it’s exciting, and I’m excited for you too @Ajmills!

@BigPetesWife we are also overseas, UK.

I get it @Ajmills! Our count is 231 days and my daughter said today, “In 201 days they will be shipping our magic bands!”