Just found out we have to postpone our first WDW trip!

I was able to to score an amazing deal for our first trip to WDW. I booked us at CBR and got the free gift cards and then was miraculously able to score the free dining too! I was over the moon excited! Even when my boys school vacation schedule came out and I learned that they were staying in school a week later than expected, we rolled with it. When we couldn’t find decent flights out of our local airport, we moved our flights to a bigger airport 3 hours away. Then my boys learned that they would be missing the winter dance, we rolled with it. Then we learned that my youngest made basketball and would be missing the playoffs, we began to question, “how much do we give up for a great deal.” Then we learned that several projects/tests would be do the week we would be gone and realized it just wasn’t going to happen!

So, it is with a heavy heart that I am going to have to push our trip back to January. I don’t even need to go to WDW to experience one heck of a roller coaster!

The good news is, I get to plan a whole new trip, at least I THINK that is good news. The roller coaster continues…


At least you still get to go at all :blush:
Have fun with the replanning!

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First off, the CBR is under construction and most agencies advise not staying there at this time. Secondly I may be able to help you out for your upcoming vacation to WDW. I am booked this coming march for 14 days. I do my own booking online via Disney World’s web site. I got in on the Stay, Play and Dine Special staying at Port of New Orleans Riverside. Thought I got a great deal that I had waited for. Along came a much better deal that I found out about out here on the Blog. I am talking about the travel agency Magical Vacations Travel. I used Darcy. When I found out how much I could save going this way I canceled my previous reservations and booked here. You can read about them out here and via the Unofficial Guide. Take a look as I think you will be in for a pleasant surprise. All is not Lost. Have a Magical Day and future trip. DocHopper


Thank you! I will check it out.

I know how sad it is to have to cancel a reservation and WDW plans, but I hope it turns out your January trip is ever better than you imagined!

Did you try talking to the teachers your self? I have found if the parents talk to the teachers or the school they are more willing to work with you and your kids. They might be able to take the tests early and hand the projects in before you leave. I do hope all works out for you.

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The school tests and projects were not the only reason, just the final straw. My oldest pleaded with me to move it to a time when school is out and I really cannot argue with that. They are both in middle school and losing a day is hard enough, but a whole week is really tough. Luckily that shift in winter break is going to help us with the new schedule, since they do not go back until the middle of January. It is still tough to give up the $500 in gift cards and free dining, but I know in my heart it is the right choice for our family. I appreciate your suggestion, but I think we need to proceed and start over. hopefully I will be able to score some discounts!

This is a problem easily solved.

Take me. Leave the kids at home.

It’s win:win:win. The kids get to do their school stuff, you still get your great deal, and I get to go to WDW again.

I best get packing. Woohoo!


If I was going to do that, you would be the guy I would take! I know you have done your homework!

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So I’m not adopting you anymore?


You said it would be weird having a son older than you. (How do you know?)

But there’s no need for jealousy. I’m willing to go on both trips.


I live all kinds of weird. People think my son is my brother and my dh is my dad.

Certainly not jealous haha

Sorry you have to cancel. We did too, once and had an amazing time when we did go. I’m sure you will too. :slight_smile:

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