Just cancelled trip - what to do with Universal tickets?

We just made the difficult decision to cancel a long-anticipated Disney/Universal trip starting next weekend. Disney’s cancellation policy is very generous and was easy to do, but we had already purchased five 1 day park-to-park tickets ($950!) for Universal which are nonrefundable. I wish we could give them away to someone who could use them, but they have our specific names - is there anything we can do so these don’t completely go to waste?

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Did you call Uni? When DH has purchased Uni tix and then our trip was cancelled he was very much able to apply them toward new tix. He couldn’t say enough about how great the customer service was.

So sorry for your cancelled trip. That stinks big time.


I have not called yet but certainly will - thanks for the suggestion! We definitely want to reschedule so happy to take a credit for a future trip!

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You can also change your dates in the UOR app, that’s what we did for the trip we cancelled this week. I just changed them to January, though not sure when we will actually use them. I also can get a refund for them (two 3 day 3 park hoppers) minus a 5% restocking fee from Undercover Tourist if you happened to buy them there.


Amazing, thank you!!! I just switched our ticket date to February and will update once we rebook the trip.


You are welcome!

This was my experience, too.

I was able to apply the cost of my expired May 2020 tickets to the purchase of my May 2021 tickets, including transferring one ticket to a different name. If the tickets aren’t expired, you can just use them for another valid date, though there are some restrictions on that for date-based tickets (I believe the price depends on what “season” the tickets are for - ie how busy the parks are expected to be).