Just banked for the first time!

What a weird feeling! I feel like there is such pressure to use them now. I’ve been borrowing since the day I bought in. :partying_face:


Do t you just love looking at extra points?!


Yep! All 15 of them!



That reminds me of a question:

If / when I buy, I will be planning to use my points in May/June, but occasionally possibly as late as August. I don’t believe we would ever go November - February for sure. What would be the best use year as far as the banking deadline? And what is the logic behind it in case I need to adjust?

Thanks in advance!

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If you think you would usually go in May/June I would look for an April (maybe March) use year .

If at any point you had to cancel a trip at the last minute, you want time to reschedule and use those points. March would give you through February, and April would give you through the end of March. If you had, for example, August points and you cancelled in May, you would only have until 5e end of July to reschedule.

A March UY will give you until October 31st to book. An April UY will give you until November 30th.


I agree with everything @PrincipalTinker says! The simplest way that I know to think through it was to figure out when you normally travel and then pick the closest use-year BEFORE you travel. That way you are always travelling on “fresh” points and if that trip needs to get canceled you can just move it later in the use year or are still within the banking deadline. (Banking deadline is just a function of use-year so I wouldn’t really worry about that date besides branding it in your memory/outlook calendar.)

We like to travel in the fall so our points are August/September. The use year “starts” (and ends) on the first of the month so I get new SSR points on Aug 1 and BWV points on Sept 1. Then if we travel in October and need to cancel and bump to say Feb/Mar, I could still theoretically cancel that Feb/Mar trip and bank the points.