Just a weather vent

Decided to do a weekend trip and staying at YC. Our flight leaves Saturday in the middle of what is being predicted as a possible major winter story. But then again, if you look at another prediction…it’s not. We can’t leave early for a variety of reasons - the biggest being that no flights are available the day prior. We can’t leave later because the trip is so short, we’d be flying in Monday and flying home Tuesday. Can’t change the dates of the trip because the family is way too flipping busy these days. It looks like it’s a trip to the airport and hope for the best. I just pray that either (1) if our flight is going to be canceled it happens before we leave home or (2) we get lucky and we are just enough ahead of the storm and the plane actually takes off

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Has your airline issued any statements to the effect that you can reschedule your flight for free, and/or have they cancelled flights yet?

If your airline hasn’t put out a statement that they’ll waive change fees, don’t worry too much. They are fairly quick to do that.

And even if they have issued a waiver- don’t think it means the flight will be cancelled. What they’re trying to do is make it easier for them IF flights ARE cancelled.

This very thing happened to me when I was trying to leave Charlotte, NC last week with winter storm Gia. United issued a travel waiver, but I looked at Accuweather and surmised there was a good chance it would all work out, so I didn’t take them up on the offer to change. And the flight took off just fine.

Maybe check and see what the other airlines are doing, too.

yes airline has already put out the statement. But they haven’t yet cancel flights. I only worry because we are flying in later in the day (4:55 p.m.) and i know from experience of tons of business travel that the later in the day the better chance of major delays on top of the threat of cancellation. And apparently the weather is going to start getting bad “at some point” during the day which is great if that some point is 4 p.m. but awful if it is 7 a.m.

Hmm. I see why you might be concerned. And you don’t have really any choice but to do what you’re doing, I guess.

I personally think that The Weather Channel tends to blow things out of proportion, and it doesn’t help that they’ve started naming winter storms. NOAA & the NWS doesn’t think it adds benefit to do so and have asked them not to. Accuweather doesn’t do it, nor does Dark Sky.

But that’s neither here nor there- this storm will be what it will be. Is your airport equipped to handle a lot of snow? Mine is, and I can’t even remember the last time they cancelled flights over a snowstorm. They just keep shoveling off the (one) runway. :grin:

Crossing my fingers for you and sending good weather juju

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Here’s to good weather juju!

We leave Sunday night, but I’m in Los Angeles, and the only weather related BS we have is no one can drive in the rain. So I need like 6 hours to make a 2 hour drive.


Cheers to opening weekend of Festival of the Arts!!!


thanks for the good weather juju. Here is to all of us getting there. They are now predicting that the snow won’t hit in ernest until after 2 p.m Saturday. Our flight is at 4:55 so we may get lucky as our airport generally never closes and i have flown out and in during snowstorms before.


Jim Cantore was just spotted hopping on the plan to BOS…I hope you’re a little further south! But It sounds like you’re taking off early enough in the storm and you should be ok. If it is the Northeast storm, better to take off Saturday before it flips to sleet/ice…that’s the big problem. Fingers crossed!

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Boy, that’s the truth. We don’t get that here. I’d rather have feet of snow than that!

Good luck @Jeffd99, sounds like you just might squeak by! :sweat_smile:

Weatherman just said Saturday travel should be unencumbered! :crossed_fingers:

Sending a big heap of warm Mexican weather your way to help! I hope you take off and miss the mess!

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Does that make it the [ducks] Oneway ???

:stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


This is maddening because they keep changing the forecast but if I follow the Accuweather hour by hour forecast, it appears that we will have only about 3-3.5 inches of snow by the time my flight is supposed to take off. So providing the plane gets to the Pittsburgh airport, I think we will be okay. But truly I wish they would just cancel if that is the probably outcome though I know that’s not going to happen. If we make it, this will be the best Disney trip ever. Just knowing that I escaped before it hit and am coming home after it begins to warm up a bit. Fingers crossed.

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