Just a friendly reminder

Always be sure to give feedback to WDW about CMs who take the extra steps to make sure that your experience is magical. You can e-mail guest.services@disneyworld.com about the CM and they will do the rest.

For example, I spoke to a CM at V&A who was extremely helpful with info on how to book the Chef’s Table. I e-mailed Guest Services about her, and a CM quickly replied saying “I am looking forward to sharing your compliments with her Leadership team so she can be recognized for going above and beyond while assisting you.”

I have read in CM blogs that this feedback does indeed get back to the CM and their manager and that it really does matter to them, so be sure to do it.


always do this in and out of world. just had dinner at fave local restaurant and told management how excellent our server was

And you can tweet it too. I found that to be quite useful while in the midst of our trip last year. @wdwtoday #CastCompliment


This is great to know! I always forget the CMs name or day when I get to the end of a trip/day…but I would tweet right away!

Good reminder

I did this for all the good and the bit of negative from my trip this year. I got a phone call about a week later from GS. They talked to me for more than an hour. We went over everything I experienced + just discussed our favorite theme park / WDW things. It was a great conversation and my issues got resolved. Plus, I know that my positive feedback will go to the CM and their supervisors.

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When I went on to WDW years ago, we had an amazing CM who I emailed guest services about while we were still in the park. Someone called me a day or so later and told me they were doing a recognition celebration for several CMs who had gone above and beyond and asked my family if we wanted to attend. Unfortunately, it was the day after we were leaving, so we couldn’t be there. Has this happened to anyone else? Do they still do this? I thought it was amazing 1) that they had a recognition celebration and 2) that they invited us to join them.

You can also tweet to @wdwtoday with the hashtag #castcompliment

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I usually thank the CM and let them know I’m going to tweet them a #castcompliment. Then, I also ask if they mind if i take a picture of their nametag, or even their face as well, to add to the tweet. Ive gotten some sweet photos posted of great smiles. WDW today has also replied with a photo of that CM getting a printed off copy of their compliment tweet!!

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