Just a few more day

Just a week left and then we hit the world - any last minute advise

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Are you packed? Do you have extra shoes?

Ha - have things partially laid out. This weekend we’ll pack (don’t actually leave until next week). So I am a Project Manager - my wife works for an organizational company - between the two of us - we are crazy rss A types with lists and list upon lists. HA. Now did I pack underwear - ha

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We’ll be there in a week as well! We’re first timers so I have no particular advice, but yes remember the shoes & underwear!!!

Since you’ve got a handle on the organizing & packing, any tips you care to share?

When we went in December, we found this list to be great…reminded us of many things we might have overlooked or forgotten…makes a great checklist, no matter how many are in your party, or their ages…

Hope you both have great trips…


@longwalk I use that list too when I’m packing! It’s great!

Have a great time and remember to enjoy the moment and be flexible if need be. You’ll have a ball!

Get yourself and bring a portable phone charger! You’ll need it! Hopefully you have Prime and can get this before you leave.


Oh, and if you haven’t seen this yet, it’s pretty complete!

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Packing for me comes down to the following

  • Underwear / socks
  • Bathing suit
  • A few pairs of shorts
  • A few nice t shirts
  • A few polos
  • CCards
  • CHARGER - a must now that you have touring plans etc on your phone.

Anything else can be purchased if I forget it.

The big thing also this time is packing my PATIENCE. It is going to be more crowded than in the past so need to keep that in mind. This is also going to be our last time for a long time so I also want to just ensure we slow down and enjoy. Kids are getting older and I just want to have a fun week with them and the wife. I need to leave my A TYPE personality at home, chill and remember this is the relaxation I have been wanting and needing for a few months. If we don’t see everything - that is ok. Lets just have FUN


David, that was our thing, too… last time for awhile, as the kids are getting older. I tried to make sure we were doing at least one thing that we’d never done before at each of the parks, as well as hitting all the faves. It turned out quite well and I think we all have fond memories.

Oh, add a toothbrush to that list of yours. :wink:

We LOVE our external battery. It comes with us to all our DLR trips so it will surely be along for our WDW venture!

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A very good thing to have in a Disney park! Or any theme park really. By the way, sorry to hijack your thread with the packing advice!! And excellent point on being able to buy anything you forget. My husband always reminds me of this when we are walking out the door and I have a nagging feeling I’m forgetting something…

Enjoy your trip next week & all the memories with the kids!!!

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Thanks for the link and well wishes on the trip!

I can’t believe I’ve never seen this on the website considering how much time I spend all over the forum, blog and chat. Thanks a bunch!

No toothbrush - thinking that will help me in the lines with no FP - HA