Jurassic Park Land

My kids are really into the Jurassic Park and World movies. How much time should I plan to spend in this area of the park? Is it worth spending time in the Discovery Center and doing the Raptor Encounter? I think I may be bored but it seems like something they would like. How wet do you get on Jurassic Park River Adventure? I have 2 boys ages 8 and 10. One hates getting really wet and the other doesn’t mind. Thanks in advance!!

Our first trip is in a couple weeks, so I have no actual experience to share. But the Raptor Encounter videos crack me up, can’t wait to do it with my kids!

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We went on it exactly once, so YMMV…but we waited to go on during a time we wouldn’t mind being wet afterwards and…well…we barely got more than a misting. I was expecting to come off soaked, but it seems they designed the ride NOT to get you terribly wet.

But, by all means, others share if their experience is different!

We never spent much time in the land, to be honest, though, so I can’t speak to much else. We did try, on two different trips, to do the Pteradon Flyers…but the wait was horrendously long, so we didn’t even bother waiting. The ride concept seems fun enough, the ride capacity it terrible.

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I’ve been on JPRA many times. It doesn’t get you very wet - expecially compared to the other flume / water rides at Universal.

The Discovery Center is really outdated with very little to do. It’s somewhat like a “children’s museum” with a couple interactive “exhibits”. However, there can be a wait for them and they really don’t do much. You can see a Dino being “born” with a “JP scientist” that happens every so often, but it’s IMHO just “ok” and if you aren’t at the front it’s hard to see.

The Raptor Encounter on the other hand is a MUST DO! It’s great and everything you’d hope it’ll be. It is scary though, so you might want to warn your boys.


I don’t remember getting wet, but I must have, because I almost lost my glasses! The water knocked them out of my face; luckily they fell inside the car near my feet and my row was kind of empty, so I could lean and look for them. I can’t see a thing without my glasses so that was an unexpected moment of panic for me.

Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like JPRA should not be a problem for us and we will definitely make time for the raptor encounter.

@darkmite2 that is a great picture!

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We always come off it very wet, we must just be lucky. Not very wet compared to the other water rides obviously!

I absolutely love the Jurassic Park River Adventure, especially at night, because it’s much more creepy. I’m one of those people who hardly gets wet much on this ride, though I would say it’s more than a misting for me. The Discovery Center is fun to look around in, but nothing over-the-top. The raptor encounter is definitely fun. There is also a play area, and my boys, ages 13, 10 and 7 on our last trip, all enjoyed playing in there for a while as well.


Is getting any water on you is a worry wear a poncho. In terms of the four water rides at IOA this one will get you the least wet.

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No, I am fine with some water. I just don’t want to come off completely drenched. I did think about bringing a poncho if necessary.

One tip…while it is true you don’t get terribly wet…if you are sitting on the edges of the raft, you’ll get the most wet. Sit towards the middle of the seat to avoid most of it.