June Fireworks Question/Flight Change Advice

DL/DCA newbie here. Thanks in advance for any help and patience with my ignorance about DL.

We have a trip planned for an evening arrival on Saturday, June 22 and leave Wednesday, June 26. Are fireworks typically only offerred Thursday - Saturday in June? I am considering a flight change, but not sure it would be worth the added expense and the possible risk of fireworks cancellation.

I was looking at the TP Crowd Calendar. If I am understanding the projections, fireworks would possibly only be offerred on the first night of our trip.

We are not scheduled to arrive at SNA until about 6 pm and I didn’t plan on buying park tickets for that day, Saturday. After scheduling flights, I found the projected information on the Crowd Calendar. We would miss watching the fireworks from within the park. If the stars alligned and the airline somehow actually got us to SNA on time, we may be able to watch from our hotel room or rooftop bar. But I have a feeling that there is little or no chance of that working out.

In checking flight schedules, I see that we could arrive at LAX instead of SNA at 7 am for the same amount of miles that I used for the later SNA flight. This would be an incredibly long day since we are coming from the Central time zone. From what I have read, fireworks are often cancelled due to wind. So, I am not sure if the flight change would be worth the risk. The added cost would be an extra ticket day and a possible Friday night airport hotel stay so I wouldn’t have to leave home and drive at 2 or 3 am.

Any advice? Thanks again!

I love fireworks. LOVE

But there is no way I would incur that kind of additional expense to make them happen. Especially at DLR where they get cancelled pretty often.

Other more regular visitors to DLR may have more concrete advice. But that’s my immediate response. Hard pass.


I have always loved your voice of reason. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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LOL at least someone does :slight_smile:

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FW’s will usually be scheduled everyday in the “summer” at DLR. Last August we saw them on Monday and Friday :grin:

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Fireworks are Friday-Sunday most of the year. They do get cancelled a lot due to high winds but there will be projections all nights of the week. In June there will likely be fireworks nightly. I would keep your flights (SNA is a great airport and so close to DLR), and plan to watch the fireworks Sunday night (and every night thereafter if they are running nightly, if they cancel the first night). Hope it works out!