June 28th 2022 ADR 60 + 10

So this morning I was looking at booking ADR for Space 220 Lounge for really anytime and Raglan Road for 10pm. In looking and I am 60 + 10 and on the 10th day, nothing shows for either… If I go back a day or two, there is availability. Would it be safe to assume that seating availability may not have been updated/released yet for those two locations?

As some more research I checked all dining availability and it seems like perhaps only 60% of locations have any availability for any time. Even Ohana dinner has full availability. Sounds fishy. Anyone thoughts?

Thanks… Hoping its just a glitch or last of info sent yet.

Did you try OpenTable for Raglan?


Yes I did! I was able to book via OpenTable. I just found it super odd that the 10pm slot that I wanted including all other times before 10PM was available every day prior , only went back 4-5 days, and then nothing all day on the 28th. To me is seemed like something is up with the 70th day and the release of times.

To update it seemed they were all released at 9:15 am this morning and I was able to book 220 lounge. Must have been a glitch

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Tuesday is always a bad day for Disney IT. Glad you got the lounge!

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Also: Wednesdays. And Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Oh, and Mondays.


True. But Tuesday is traditionally the worst of the bunch.

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Thanks! Raglan Road opened as well so I booked there and cancelled the open table. I like seeing it in my disney app :slight_smile:

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OpenTable does give you greater flexibility.

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Can someone please refresh me on the 60 + 10 again? I didn’t think I could make any reservations until 60 days prior to my arrival. Or, are we talking about a leading reservation here?

If you’re staying onsite, 60!days before check in day you can book ADRs for check in day and up to the next 10 days based on the length of your resort booking. No leading reservation.

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Oh, it’s 60 days + 10 thereafter! I thought we were talking about 10 days sooner! I saw 70 days posted above and thought I was missing something! :laughing:
Thanks for the clarification.

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