June 2020 multi-generation trip

June 2020 3 generation family trip!

So after 2 years in a row visiting WDW in April at Easter time, my family (brother, his wife, DS 8 DD6 and my parents) really want to go now. My nephew is really into star wars so SWGE is a must. He also loves legos so legoland is in here. We all went to WDW as a family in 1989 and 1993 so for my parents and brother it’s been over 25 years and needless to say everything has changed!

Heres my tentative schedule for June 2020
Me, DW and DD 6 have 5 day tickets everyone else probably will get 3 or 4 day.

6/19/20 (my birthday!) Leave Wisconsin and drive 10 or so hours to Chattanooga TN or Dalton GA
6/20/20 drive remaining distance and stay for one night at a Disney Springs hotel (to get 1 day of 60 day FPP and EMH)
6/21/20 up early for EMH at HS to get our first crack at SWGE. We plan to arrive a day earlier than the rest of the family and stay at HS until 4 when we leave to check into offsite house with everyone else.
6/22/20 Everyone up early to RD MK, have a mid day break and return for fireworks
6/23/20 EP with RD, loose plan for “adults” to return after break at night for fireworks and then wander WS during evening EMH
6/24/20 “off day” sleep in, hang at the pool maybe play a round of golf
6/25/20 everyone goes to HS where we concentrate on SWGE.
6/26/20 Legoland!
6/27/20 me DW and DD final day at MK. Hopefully get PPO at BOG. Stay until mid afternoon then start driving home :frowning:
6/28/20 get home, start planning the next one

Only have about 357 days left to plan, so any suggestions or things I’ve missed? Thanks for reading!

Just curious, because we are planning to go almost the exact dates that you are. Do you know for sure when EMH will be for those dates? I thought Disney had been changing things around a bit with SWGE opening. Good luck with the multi-generation trip, we did one of those last year and it’s definitely different than our normal open to close, running everywhere, type of touring that we usually go for. Make sure to take time to savor the moments with all the folks that don’t go very often.