June 2019

Hi! I’m curious for thoughts/opinions on the crowd levels for June 2019. I’m looking at a trip possibly the week of June 17th. The crowd levels make me nervous, though. I was hopeful that more people would defer trips until fall due to Star Wars opening. I made a trip July 5th-12th last year and really enjoyed it. It did not “feel” crowded to me. What are your experiences with June trips? I’m wondering with the new crowd calendars, if a crowd level of 7 will feel really crowded to me or if it may still be reasonable. We would have four small kids with us so I’m just worried about the combination of crowds and heat. Any experiences with June trips or thoughts on crowds around that time?


Our first trip with our DGD was in June 2015 (we are taking her again this June). I was worried about the same things especially since we are NOT early risers and live in Alaska.
It was really hot and humid and we learned to appreciate an afternoon rain shower for a couple of reasons - first it knocked some of the humidity out of the air and lowered the temperature 5-10 degrees. Secondly, a sudden rain seemed to send people running for the exits. The adage of the crowds being the heaviest in the middle of the day was not our experience. If anything the lines got shorter after lunchtime as so many people left the parks to “take a break”. I am quite curious to see if we will have the same experience this trip.

That’s interesting to know. We are a month away from our trip and are planning afternoon breaks. Might have to stay flexible.

I totally understand the logic of the recommendations for RD, afternoon break and come back in the evening but it doesn’t work for my family. My kids were never morning people and my DGD follows in her dad’s footsteps. 9am Florida time is 5am Alaska time so that just compounds the problem. Often our park day starts with a late breakfast or early lunch and continues right on until Fireworks. Even when I had a 1 year old we didn’t take a break. There are plenty of places you can get out the mid-day heat if you decide to just stay in the parks.

The crowd calendar changes happened back in 2017. I’d personally look back at the days you visited in July and see what the crowd was for then. It should give you a good idea of what the crowd you experienced equates to. We visited June 2017 and crowds were about the same as predicted for this year, so not horrible IMO. They only issues we had was midday rain had the shops really crowded and covered areas hard to walk around.

We went during the week of June 17th last year and it was fairly crowded, Going back this year the same week and was worried about the crowd predictions as well. The latest update a couple of days ago reduced the crowds for pretty much every day and park we are going. Our Epcot day prediction was reduced SIGNIFICANTLY from a 9 to a 3?? Can anyone think of why the crowd drop predictions especially one so large??

Have you seen the latest crowd calendar updates sent out on May 4? We are going June 25 to July 3. All of our predicted crowd levels just decreased across the board. :slightly_smiling_face: We go in June every year. With a good plan and modifying, it’s fine. The heat of course is atrocious, but you have to expect that. The biggest problem is afternoon/evening storms. Sometimes, the storms are brief, which is a welcome relief and fine. But when the rain hangs around all evening, it is a real downer. You should check your dates with the new updated crowd calendar!

I had not seen them but looked after your post. Thanks for the tip! It looks like we’ll be at crowd level 5 or 6 for most of our trip, so that seems manageable.

That’s the week I’m looking at this year. A 9 to a 3 is a huge decrease! So interesting!

Going the same week…I’m glad people are holding off on going this summer due to the Star Wars attraction opening up in August. Hoping the latest crowd calendar predictions are correct.