June 2019 fastpass

I am coming from the UK and staying in Rosen Pointe Orlando for 21 nights starting June 19th. My question is this, I will have a 21 night park hopper ticket with memory maker included, if I book 1 night in a Disney hotel and have a 21 night ticket code, can I make fast pass reservations for the entire 21 night trip using the ticket code or only for the 1 night in the Disney property and wait until 30 days before for the other nights?

If you are staying onsite for your first night you can make FOs for your first two nights at day 60. Then your window will open one day at a time at day 60 for each night after. You will only be able to make 7 days of FPs.

Why would they only be able to make 7 days worth of FPs? Did you maybe somehow think they had APs?

They have, or will have, 21 day tickets, so they can hold 21 days of tickets. Eventually, one day at a. Time, on the rolling window.

Oh! I was thinking about an AP but now that you say that can you make 14 days of FPs if you are staying off site? I thought there was a limit?

Not sure if there’s a limit just for staying offsite. Nothing on the website to say so. In fact it just says you can book FPs for each day for which you have a valid ticket.

Onsite, you can only make 14 days at a time, and then one day at a time after that.

Haven’t heard of a limit, although obviously a 21 day ticket is the longest you can get. But if you had more than one ticket linked, I assume you could continue to book.

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Thanks for that. I will book a night for the beginning of the trip and see what happens.

I agree, you can certainly hold 21 days of FPs if you have a 21 day ticket.

I posted last night on chat and so far only one answer and they do say you can book all 21 days one day at a time. As an AP holder (many AP holders have been having issues booking length of stay up to 14 days lately) it seems inconsistent but if anyone reports it has recently changed I will update.

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One outstanding question from chat. A post says that with 21 day tickets you can only make 14 days onsite. You can make more offsite?

If staying onsite, you can book 14 days when your window opens. And then each day after that you can book for the next day.

So at 60 days, you book for days 1-14
At 59 days, you book for day 15
At 58 days you book for day 16. and so on. Up to 21 days with a 21 day ticket.

Offsite, you will only be able to book one day at a time. But up to 21 days if you have a 21 day ticket.

Did you find that somewhere? On chat the report on site was that you could book 14 but once you used 1 day you could add the 15th. That seemed to be an old report.

Errr, I’ve done it myself.

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I believe you, I was just trying to find it written somewhere! It seems as if it is written very vaguely on purpose! Were you able to book more than 14 days onsite too?

Done it onsite. Plenty of friends who have done it offsite.

What it says is you can book for as many days as you have tickets for. I’ll see if there’s anything on the U.K. FAQs.

Thanks, the US sites don’t say any details. Although the AP terms say 14 days and it has been blocking at 7. I am guessing that the people that are reporting 14 days may be running into a similar glitch! Lol, those 21 days tickets make me so jealous!

OK. I found on the U.K. site it just says “if you have a stay of more than 2 weeks you will only be able to book for 14 days. So just like park hopping with FPs etc, it only tells part of the story.

Just spoke with my SIL who is back from a 3 week holiday in Florida. They stayed offsite and had 21 day tickets. They had booked FPs for 19 of those days, day by day. Their plans had them definitely going to WDW on 3 particular days, when they had character dining booked. The rest of the time they had no idea when they would be gong to WDW, so they just duplicated every day so they knew they could do certain rides - their grandson’s first visit.

So no problems there. And that was booking from mid August.

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Thanks! Not surprising it will say one thing and work another way!

Edited to add: is it me or does this seem way more confusing than it should be? I do not know why my mind just cannot make any sense of this!