June 18 - 19 trip

OK lets get started 7 pm EST. We get in the car and start the 15 - 16 hour drive. No not from NJ - Orlando but from NJ - Dade City close to Tampa. Trip started out fine NJ got out fine little traffic NBD (no big deal) Then the nightmare started, I do this drive 1 - 2 times a year NBD. We get to Delaware 4 lanes of traffic cut down to ONE. Same thing in Maryland, this now has us about 2 hours behind. DC NBD right through. Virginia long state to get through. I had to pull over to sleep for about 20 min. NC and SC same thing I’m tired and dragging my heals to get through. Part of SC I actually had DD 17 drive. This is the first time I’ve driven with her she was amazing. This only lasted about 100 miles, but enough time for my knee to stop hurting. According to GPS ETA is 4 pm should have been around noon. Get through Georgia about 90% NBD. 20 miles to FL, when I look back now the little guy on the side of the road standing next to this real big boat trying to load up all these animals should have been a clue to what happened next. The skies opened up and not rained but dumped water on us. I have never seen such a heavy rain. Rain-x and wipers on full blast had no effect. It came down to poncho on and keep moving my BUTT. It was pull over and hope no flash floods. My 15 - 16 hour trip lasted 25+ hours of straight driving well I did stop 3 time for a quick 20 min nap.
OH yeah we did make it to DW’s Grandmothers thank God. Now a day of rest after being up for 40 hours with only 3, 20 min. naps. I have about 26 hours before I need to make the 2 hour drive to DISNEY

I’m Joefishing209 and I’m very tired good night.


I’m so glad that you arrived safely. I hope you’re able to rest today & be refreshed for the start of your trip!

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Wow! I hope you get some rest and have a great trip!

Glad you have the worst of the drive behind you.

Enjoy a day of R and R

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