July Wait Time Summary

Tomorrow I’ll be posting on the blog about some summary wait time metrics for the month of July. Some things to guess at and discuss before I reveal the answers, if you want:

  • Which park had the highest/lowest average posted/actual wait times?
  • Which attractions across all 4 parks had the highest/lowest average actual wait times?
  • At which park were the posted wait times inflated the most compared to actual wait times?
  • At which park were the TouringPlans estimates most accurate for the past month?
  • How do you think actual standby wait times compared this July to the last “normal” July in 2019?
  • MK had highest posted wait times :wink:
  • FOP had highest avg. wait times
  • MK MDE inflated their wait times
  • TP… accuracy??? IDK
  • standby time comparisons… clueless :wink:

I’m going to guess the actual standby times this July are similar to the normal July 2019

HS highest for both posted/actual.
MK lowest for both posted/actual.

Highest: FoP, SDMT, SDD, FEA
Lowest: Triceratops, Carpets, ST, Figment


AK (just by fewest predictions that can go wrong, and the ones there seem relatively stable to me)

It was both busier in July 2019 (I think?) and FP+ shot standby times up. I was there in July 2019 and it was kinda brutal with SB times of like 120 for Splash, 75 for HM, 150+ for FoP, etc. Taking the 2019 FP+ wait times out of the equation, I’d guess 7/21 has been 30-40% lower SB wait on average vs 2019.


Same as above, except for park with highest posted/actual wait times, which I think it will be AK (not HS).
FOP beats SDD, I think.

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  • AK edges out HS for highest average posted/EP lowest average posted
  • Highest: 7DMT, FOP, TT, SDD edges out MFSR
  • MK posted wait times most inflated
  • Estimates accurate to posted or actual? :crazy_face: I’m thinking HS
  • Standby times much lower than 2019
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Reeeally ?!?!?

Don’t let @ryan1 see this :wink:

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MK & AK for sure. Maybe not EP & HS

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I promise I won’t look. :lying_face::shushing_face::face_with_monocle:

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I seem to remember that July 2019 had really low wait times. I was gutted that we weren’t going till August.

Accurate to actual :slight_smile:
There are definitely some right answers in here! Not saying which ones …

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I got most of your data gathered, I think it’s correct :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is the article in case some of you had not seen.