July updates out yet?

Didn’t get an email, did this happen yet?


Very few days had adjusted hours. And it was mainly AK if there were.

Ah ok great thanks

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i didn’t get an email, but my CL were updated. So just check your crowd tracker to e sure.

I didn’t get an email either but they released the blog about updates at the beginning of the month. Sounds like there were only a few small changes made this month.


This was also a pretty substantial blog post that snuck in on the same week–

One subtle change that we’ve noticed is that Disney has increased the number of same-day FastPass+ selections that are available while also decreasing the number of FastPass+ selections available in advance.

Giving out more day-of FastPasses can benefit both you and Disney. The benefit to you, of course, is that you might get a FastPass+ that wasn’t available when you made your advance FastPass+ selections 30 or 60 days ago.