July-Sept discount is available this morning

General public discount is out - not AP. But I’m having a heck of a time getting anything to go through.

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Yeah it’s glitchy on the TA side also.

I keep getting the “We’re Working on it” page when I try to access the Park Availability Calendar.

I called and was able to add the discount to my CSR reservations over the phone. Trying to book a deluxe for same date in case plans change, but can’t get it to go online :grimacing:

I am getting the “We’re Working on It” page on dining as well. I guess either routine maintenance or availability changes?

Concerning AP Discount offers, I heard to save time, money, and effort, WDW decided to just send personalized emails to the remaining three WDW AP holders. :smiley::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::laughing::crazy_face::disappointed_relieved:

FYI: This is a joke


So to get the discount added to my room should I just call? Or can I do it online? If I can do it online how do I do it?

You can try using the modify or change button on your reservation under “my plans”, then change offer which is the top item on the next page I believe. But if that doesn’t work just call. The site is a mess this morning.

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Thank you!

EDIT: I was able to make my changes online. Super easy once I knew where to go and didn’t have any problems with MDE. Yay!!!


Woohoo! Just upgraded us from ASM to Gran Destino tower which was DHs first choice. I think I’m going to surprise him since this is also a celebration of our 20th anniversary!


Unfortunately for us nothing was available for our dates or the following week at pop or Destino towers.

Bummer! Sorry to hear that.