July/August 2019 Memory Maker Share

Hi All! I am going to Disney World August 8-16 and would love to get a group together to share the memory maker. I have been in four Memory share groups in the past and have led three of those groups! I usually like to have about 4-5 families!
@Chriskim1025, please let me know in this thread if you would like to join!

I’d love to join! Thank you!

Great! Hopefully we get a couple more families to join!

@kewoldt will be joining our Share Group! Hopefully we get one more person!

Our trip is planned for Aug. 21-28. If the dates work, I’d love to join!

That definitely works! Awesome! That means we have four families, that’s perfect!

@Chriskim1025 @kteiden @kewoldt, it looks like we have enough families for our share! If everyone would please message me their email addresses, we can get started! Thanks all!

@Chriskim1025 I sent out an email to everyone earlier this week, did you receive it?