July 4th Week?

I have an opportunity to visit WDW the week of July 4th. I assumed the crowd levels would be crazy on a holiday week, but according to the Crowd Calendar, they look pretty reasonable. Is July 4th a good day to visit MK? Do they do anything special? We’ve always been Springtime visitors, so I have no experience with this. I know it will be HOT! But other than that, any thoughts or advice?

The 4th will be the busiest day that week. The 3rd will show the same special fireworks, and they will be amazing. I have found the 3rd is when the crowds start building but the rest of the week has not been bad.

Will they still have special fireworks on the 5th? Or do they only do it the 3rd and 4th?

Just the 3rd and 4th

Thanks! I just made an ADR for the Plaza on the 3rd, so I think this trip is happening! :slight_smile:

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Epcot should have a special holiday tag for IllumiNations on the 4th.