July 4th week

What should my plan be for this week? Going June 29th - July 6th. Will have PH for the 1st time. TIA

Following 1 toying with the idea of a trip for this week

When I have gone the week leading up to the 4th the crowds leading up have been pretty reasonable up to late afternoon on the 3rd. I would see the MK fireworks, on the 3rd, and I would book the dessert party (but that is just me).

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I hadn’t had a chance to google yet - good to know they do Fourth of July fireworks on more than one night. Would like to avoid MK on the 4th and can’t justify park hoppers for this trip.

We’ve been that week and didn’t have any problems. Honestly, we didn’t think it felt any more crowded than other weeks we’ve been in the summer. We went to AK on the 4th and it was a great day. Huge crowds on the 4th seem to go where the special fireworks are so it was perfect for us. I second the suggestion to do MK on the 3rd so you see the fireworks. We didn’t have a dessert party and didn’t even get to a spot particularly early and had no trouble having a great view. Best fireworks show we’ve ever seen!

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