July 4th in WDW

I’m trying to find the perfect combination of dates, flights and prices for my summer trip and I keep getting nudged towards being in the parks on 4th July.

The TP crowd calendar suggests that this is not as awful as it sounds. It reckons HS will be a ghost town.

Can anyone confirm?

I went a couple years ago - it is hot so there’s that to maybe bring crowds down a little. MK and EP have special things that happen (usually - pre COVID anyway) do those tend to be busier. Park hours overall we’re much longer as well (and included the crazy late extra evening hours).

It honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I’m a teacher so typically travel during the peak times because of my job. For that reason, my norm is a CL 5 or 6.

If you’ve never experienced America’s 4th of July it would be a cultural experience at the very least (one of my favorite theme parties to throw when I lived in Australia)


@OBNurseNH was there last year on the 4th. Maybe she has some insight!

This past year was probably a bit of an anomaly as things still weren’t back to normal. God willing, things will be normal by July but I have zero faith on that being a thing. Still, with the 50th and seeing how much travel is happening despite this effing pandemic, I would expect numbers to be higher in July 2022 than 2021.

All of that being said, Magic Kingdom during the day was pretty empty, actually! We had planned a resort day so as to keep out of the craziness, and we did DS in the morning. But I wanted so much to go and have Casey’s for lunch on the 4th and get a zoom pic from Photopass. So we went in around 11 and stayed a couple of hours. We only rode Carousel IIRC, had lunch, got our pic, and did some shopping but I did keep remarking how empty the place was.

They were definitely ready for the nighttime madness, though, as they had portable fencing ready by the tapstiles. It looked from photos like fireworks time was insanity. But I watched from my perch at Cali Grill which I cannot recommend enough. Not just for the WDW fireworks, but for the 360 degree ring of fireworks going off all along the horizon. It literally made me cry, it was so beautiful. Fireworks are my favorite, and I never expected to see something so absolutely astonishing.

And of course the WDW fireworks were amazing too. RIP Happily Ever After.


That’s kind go what we did in our year at the 4th. We went to MK on the 3rd because they used to (maybe will this year) do the 4th FW on both days. Did the whole park experience that day and the watched girl CG on the actual holiday.

I went solo July 4th, 2018. MK was jam packed for fireworks, but it was worth it. It’s an excellent show! I went to AK and EP during the day and crowds were low to moderate. I have a trip report on here with more info.