July 4th- Am i over complicating things?

Someone tell me what to do. My original plans were AK on 7/4 after arrival. Then hop to MK for the fireworks & dessert party. I even snapped a FPP for FOP, but unfortunately it is too late (doesn’t start until 7:05pm, party check in is 8:30, fireworks at 9:15). Several people told me traffic will be at a standstill and I might not be able to get from AK to MK, even if I skipped the FOP fastpass.

So I switched AK to Epcot thinking I will just take the monorail to MK. Then I’m not locked in by road traffic. I’ve allowed about 2.5-3 hours in the schedule to get to MK from Epcot. I planned to visit Epcot anyway & have FOP fastpass for another day, so no big loss by switching.

But now I am questioning if I should just deal with MK on 7/4, spend the afternoon there, and not try to hop parks at all. I have more MK time planned later plus DAH, so I don’t really need the park time necessarily. I’m not thrilled about the idea of being packed like sardines the entire day (hence the PH and dessert party).

The only non-negotiable is to do MK fireworks & the dessert party. The rest of the day & really the whole 5 days is flexible.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

MK is very sardine-like in my opinion. If it were me, I would spend the majority of the day at Epcot and then take the monorail to MK for the fireworks & dessert party.

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I would go to Epcot and then monorail to MK.


Since you have a desert party reservation I too would avoid the Magic Kingdom during the day and would plan to make a park to park hop to get to the fireworks.

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Thanks for replying. I’ve never been during a super crowded time, so I really don’t know what to expect! I’m sticking with EP & going to monorail to MK.

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