July 2021?

I’m “playing” with a personalized touring plan for next July - I know it’s forever away - but just trying to get an idea for how many attractions I can do in one day - especially with the shortened hours.
These wait times seem crazy to me… (??)
Is this, maybe, because there aren’t any fastpasses? What data was used to determine these wait times?
I’m hoping FPP and normal park hours are back by then. Any chance that we could have FPP as an option as we creating our personalized touring plans in anticipation that they will be back by then?

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In normal times (non pandemic) those are the kinds of wait times to be expected. This is why I usually don’t get on anything without a FP…no idea how things will work if they don’t bring that back. I’ve usually gone over Thanksgiving week when it’s always like that; in other times of the year it’s considerably lower, if kids are in school. July is one of those months where all the kids are out so a lot of people go to WDW.

By then, hopefully the park hours will be extended considerably.
It’s most likely the FP+ system as we know it will be gone. Hopefully at the least a broad virtual queue system, and maybe an upgrade option like at other parks.

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OK… but the crowd levels for the selected date say “3” –
how can all those attractions be so long of a wait all day if the crowd levels are 3…
this seems off to me – -no?

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I would think, and just guessing here, these wait times for July are based on FPP being available (this can make the standby lines much longer). I didnt know a day existed in July with the park at a 3, so, depending on what happens, but if the park is on its way back to some normalcy by July 2021, I would use the wait times, for now. I think the introduction of a “fast track” type system could change these numbers but all we can do is speculate at this point what Disney will do that far in the future. Uncertain times indeed.

It’s always been this way. To put it in perspective:
On March 5, 2020, HS had a crowd level of 3. These were the observed average wait times:

MMRR: 103 min
MFSR: 66
RnRC: 65
SDD: 81
TSM: 52
TOT: 49

Seems fairly similar to the 7/14/21 predicted wait times

Those wait times are hard to predict so far out because we don’t know if capacity will still be limited by then or if there will be more virtual queues. If the conditions arr exactly like they are now, it might help to gauge your day by looking at wait times for a 3-level crowd day in the next month or two - those will be far more accurate to current conditions.

But if conditions change - say there’s a vaccine widely available - then I imagine either FPP will return in some form and / or they will open up capacity on the rides so lines will be shorter.

Right, also keep in mind that there are over 10 attractions that currently are not running (mostly character meets and shows). Only a matter of time, that these will resume and help to spread out the crowds.