July 2019: the last minute planning continues

Regular readers who have not been put off by my controversial views on tipping and dress codes will know that I’m coming back to Orlando in July next year, assuming they let me in the country.

With only 269 days left to go, I’ve had to really focus on putting a plan together.

The philosophy behind it is this:

  1. One full day at each park, counting USF and IOA as one park.

  2. One half-day at each park, as a back-up in case I miss something on the main day or want to repeat it. Plus an extra half day at AK (for FOP) and UOR (because it’s great).

  3. As I have the deluxe DDP, eat at WDW before going to UOR and when I get back.

  4. Make the most of the deluxe DDP.

  5. Use FPPs for primo rides. Arrive “early” for the others. Get two FPPs for the most primo rides (one separate days).

  6. Don’t overplan the schedule, other than ADRs and FPPs.

  7. Opportunity to return to Pop during the day if desired / required, or to visit other hotels to relax, get out of the heat / crowds etc.

The initial allocation of parks to days was based on the TP crowd calendar. And I like the idea of topping and tailing with MK. And that last half-day for one last ride on FOP and a nice lunch at Tiffins.

Nothing scheduled for arrival day to reduce stress and give me time to explore Pop / AoA.



I was wondering why you were waiting so long to start planning. You barely have enough time! :wink:

Your schedule looks cool!


Did you use a search engine to find your flights? Which one?

California Grill, again??? And when they again attempt to seat you in the “special” room, your response will be …?

Search engine?

No. Just Virgin’s website.

It’ll be different this time. It’s brunch. And I’ll be wearing my “IT’S MY FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY” collared shirt.


Brunch at CG is fantastic! Savor it! And you can save your receipt and come back for fireworks that night if you want to!

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Make sure you’re also wearing your “Happy Birthday!” (50)!!! button.


Can you graph my trip for me? :joy: I’ve vaguely looked for a spread sheet I can edit on my iPad, with nothing jumping out at me. So I’ve been going old fashioned and using ink & paper. I have until January for my FPP, but feel like I’m behind in figuring out where we’ll be when.

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Hey, I googled that, and I’m not seeing flights. I’d better navigate the site for a few more hours just to be sure.

What point are you trying to make?

I see what ya did there.


Be careful.