July 2019 crowd calendar?

We will be there Thurs 7/18 through Tues 7/22. (daughter’s dance competition, so we couldnt really pick our dates). Just started looking at crowd calendar. I fully expected 8-10s. But Friday 7/19 is showing DL at a 5 and Sunday 7/21 at a 6. Other days are more what I expected. Is there a good explanation for why those 2 dates are “lagging”? I know crowd calendar is more about line time than actual crowds, but having a hard time reconciling it all. I’d also imagine they’d bump up as it gets closer. Any input or insight?

I think the numbers will be very high throughout the summer. With the new Star Wars Galaxies Edge opening. Plan for 8s and if it is slower then it will be a nice surprise.

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