July '18 crowd calendar

I’m trying to decide which day to go to Disneyland, flying in July 3rd, leaving on the 10th. I assumed that Monday the 9th would be least crowded, but the crowd calendar says that Sunday the 8th or even July 4th is less crowded than the 9th. Any idea why that would be?

Monday’s are just as busy as weekends & sometimes with the disadvantage of a later start (9am instead of 8am) allowing for more people to be awake for park opening aka rope drop.

The recent trend in summertime for finding lower crowd times is to look for days that have AP pass blackouts & are peak pricing for 1 day tickets. Those days have been reported to be the best time this last little bit to get to the parks.

Also- why only one day at Disneyland? There is so much to do that even if I were solo I would want at least 2 full days if not 3 (then you can pre-purchase your tickets and get a magic morning which is THE best way to accomplish Fantasyland).

Thanks for the answer! So counterintuitive, but it makes sense. We’re doing one day only because of budget constraints. There are five of us and we have a lot of expenses. I’m grateful that we can even go for just the one day!

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So, I went to Disneyland on July4th this year (and DCA on July 3rd) and July 4th was WAY less busy than I expected. I am an AP and I go to Disneyland at least once a month, I went during Christmas times, holidays, ect and July 4th was just an average busy summer day, nothing bad. The only crazy part was the fireworks; people started to reserve their spot in front of the castle at 4pm (after the last parade). I would pick July 4th for another visit anytime (unless it was Saturday).

Also, as a note: this year, 4th of July fireworks were on the 3rd and the 4th.