Juggling Three Parks In Two Days

I’m taking my spouse and our five-year-old in late June with two days in the parks: day 1 at MK, and day 2 at HS (which is also an Extra Magic Hour day). Here’s where things get complicated for me: there is a desire from my spouse to use Park Hopper (especially on day 2, but also on day 1 if time permits) to visit Epcot. I’m game to do this, but my question becomes how can I optimize the use of a touring plan if I’m both (a) arriving late in the day and (b) doing things over two days. The only thing I can think of is to use the regular “Epcot Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children”, then optimize it each day as soon as I get to the park proper since I have no idea when we’ll be there.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I would start by doing custom TP for DHS. This will help you see if you have any time for another park. EPCOT is fairly close, so you could walk if buses don’t work out well (or Uber). Then, I’d make a second custom TP with a time starting after my first one is supposed to end. So add a start time not before when you think you can make it to EPCOT.

Where are you hoping to fit in a park hop for your MK plan? There’s a lot to see and do there and it’s usually the park that stays open the latest.

When we last went (in 2016 when my son was two), we found that we finished our plan by around 4:00. What’s been proposed (and I’ll caveat that I’m completely prepared to be told I’m crazy) is to leave at that point, go to Epcot, then get back to MK by 9:15 to watch Happily Ever After with the understanding that whatever we don’t accomplish at Epcot we can do the next day.

Am I crazy?

Does your plan include dinner or are you just winging it with snacks? The other thing to remember is to build in time for travel and security at both parks.

EPCOT is big. I think if you attack it, like you said, do what you can then leave the rest for the next day. You have a 4 year old. He’ll love Living with the Land, Figment, Nemo, Living Seas. If you get Soarin’ and/or Test Track, that’s a bonus. There are also a ton of things for a kid to do under the ball (when you come out from the ride). That might be fun for him, too. But, I wouldn’t try to leave Future World on the first day, though. It’s a long walk from World Showcase to the monorail and buses to MK.

Have you checked to see if there is an Extra Morning Magic or Disney After Hours at one of your parks? This is a great way to knock out an extra park fast…and Disney After Hours is a separate ticketed event so you will not need a Park Hopper to change parks.

@Ariadne We’d wing it with snacks or quick service. I know there’s a new security procedure that we have to go through. I have a separate question on how Fast Pass would work (fortunately I have a month before I have to book it), but I appreciate the tips!

@Mini_Mouse There’s an Extra Morning Magic on Day 2 for Hollywood Studios, so we’d likely have more time on day 2 to explore Epcot. No After Hours on either day.

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