JTA - Input, Please! Conflicting Info!

We will be at HS February 3rd, a CL 3 day. It is highly important to my sons, ages 10, 7 & 4, to participate in JTA. I have been reading all of the forum posts, and I am getting some conflicting information and want to make sure I have this straight.

It seems to me that even on a CL 3 day, I need to be at the park no less than 30 minutes before opening. At RD, I take the boys straight to the sign up area. However, some information I am reading says that there are CM’s out front to do sign up. Other information says getting an 8:00 ADR at H&V is better than waiting in line. Still other information does the H&V ADR is a bad idea. Can someone tell me what is currently the best procedure to ensure a JTA time slot? I think this is more stressful than figuring out FPP!

Speaking of which, how early can I make my first FPP reservation, taking into account JTA sign up time? Thanks so much!

I believe 60 days out you can make FPP reservations if you stay onsite.

1 - Set expectations with your kids
2 -If there are two adults. I suggest that one stands in line for RD while the other looks for CMs for sign up. Also while you are waiting ask.
3 - Have the more “agile” adult bolt for the signup if there are no CMs available during RD.

Come to the resolution that this may or may not happen and that this is a BONUS if it does - your vacation will NOT be ruined if this 10 minute experience isn’t done.

JTA is changing, and no one knows for sure the new procedure! The best bet for the procedure previously was to be at the park well before opening (we caught a 7 am bus for a 9am park open), and be aware that HS often opens 15 minutes early. Be on the left turnstiles, and head straight to sign ups near Star Tours. I’ve read of the outside-the-park sign ups, but have never seen that.

However, they may be changing the location of the sign ups! There are new Star Wars-themed things opening all over the park on Dec. 1. The launch bay is near animation courtyard, nowhere near Star Tours, and it might could possibly be a location to sign up …?

At any rate, I would stay tuned. As far as FP times, I usually start mine between maybe 10:30 and 11 if I’m making rope drop. I can tell you that, even on a CL 6-7 day, Star Tours was a walk on for at least 30 minutes right after park opening.

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JTA is such a major draw - anyone know why they don’t offer more showtimes throughout the day to accommodate more people? Even if additional shows are held at a different location within the park?

I agree to get to RD early and just make a b-line straight to the sign ups. Keep in mind that the child signing up MUST be present (a parent can NOT just sprint to the sign ups and get their child a spot!). If it’s just a CL3 day, you will probably get a few choices of time slots assuming you make it towards the front of the line. We followed the steps I list above last Feb and still had to wait about 15/20 minutes in line and had the choice of 2 or 3 time slots. For reference, I think we were there on a CL 5 day.

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You are so right! Thanks for reminding me to keep this in perspective!

Excellent point! I should probably just table the whole thing until we see what new things roll out! Thanks!

Thanks for the input! The things we do for our kids… :smiley:

HA - I know tell me about it. We had scheduled my daughter for BBB and finally my wife said this is nuts. I am not going to go nuts running around for this. My wife is always very good with trying to do special things for the kids.

I think we try to make things PERFECT and miss the “now” that is why I have kind of lost my love. you have to plan plan plan and you lose the actual magic that happens - especially at the age your kids are at. I still remember “dragging” them to do something - when they were perfectly happy playing somewhere. My biggest suggestion (and hope I take it myself) - is just go have fun. Make fun of things while you are in line, sit and enjoy watching people, see the rides but just BE and not have to worry about work or anything else. Just enjoy the fact that you all are together.


My son was beyond excited to do JTA this past Feb and I spent so much time plotting out how and when we would get him a spot - only to have him freak out once he finally got on stage and ran off before Darth Vader even came out. Ha! I DID get a fantastically sad picture of him standing with his group at the front of the stage, in his robe, with a horrified look on his face reaching for us! He claims that he is ready to try it again now that he knows it isn’t anything to be scared about - but, being a typical 5 year old, he changes his mind about it every other day. For this reason, I’m contemplating skipping HS on our next trip because JTA is pretty much the main reason we would even go to HS.

HA! This is why parents drink! Now I am trying to get lunch with an Imagineer - as my son wants to be one. Only reason to go to Studios - but not going crazy.

This is one of my fears as well. DS4 is obsessed with Darth Vader and keeps talking about how he can’t wait to meet him. However, I have visions of him screaming and running as soon as he is confronted with Darth Vader in person. He can be quite an imposing figure!

Good luck getting the lunch!

Haha - I was actually surprised that no other kids freaked out! We watched YouTube videos of JTA before going so that might help. My son usually takes a long time to warm up to new situations so I think being on stage is what set him off - not necessarily the thought of confronting the Dark Side!

I find most kids don’t have an issue embracing the Dark Side - HA