JTA and TSMM in same morning?

My kids want to do JTA and TSMM. Can I accomplish them both on Friday or Saturday morning this week without burning FPPs at DHS? I’d like to save it for Soaring later in the day.

My threshold for waiting is about 20 minutes. If we sign up for JTA first, any idea what the wait at TSMM will be? What would you do?

Also, Saturday is morning extra magic hours at DHS. Would it help if we did that Sat?

JTA requires you to be at the park at Rd to sign up . It’s 1st come 1st to select a time slot. They run a training session of 12-14 kids every 40min or so. Will be a CM with a sign u will need to follow, to register. As far as TSSM I’m no help . The kids will love JTA

Also the children must be with you to sign up.

I would say you need to head to JTA signup right away to guarantee a spot (the child has to be with you), and then by the time you get to Toy Story I would guess it will be 30-40 minutes wait already. But you never know for sure…

JTA Sign up might be longer than 20 minute wait unless you are at the very very front at rd. TSMM could be about 40-60 after doing sign up