JTA and Tour Planning

How do you guys deal with JTA? I am going to go sing up first thing, but am not sure what slot we will get. I don’t have any fast passes until 10:25 (Toy Story) and Frozen Sing along at 12:30. What should our plan of attack be, if we don’t know what JTA time we will get at rope drop? Kids are too small for RnR, and we have a ToT FP for after lunch. Any help would be appreciated. Labor Day is our HS day.

JTA was so much fun, enjoy it! I had a similar dilemma, with a lunch ADR and FPP starting mid morning. I did make a list of which shows I preferred, including those I could live with (like, one that conflicted with a Frozen Sing Along FPP, which I figured we could always do standby another time). But, the planner in me eventually decided to just be early enough that we could have our pick, in our case the first show at 10:10. We got there at 7:45 for 9:00 opening, waited in the front of the pack at the turnstiles, and were nearly first in line to sign up when gates opened at 8:30. No problem! Good luck and hope that helps!


After JTA sign-up you could go meet characters. My daughter loved that and lines are shortest first thing in the morning. You could also look around the Launch Bay while it’s less crowded.

I made a list of all JTA times that would work with our scheduled FP times, and had no problem getting one. We arrived at 8:30.

I made three HS touring plans, and ended up having to use my least favorite. We arrived at 8:45, which was way later than I wanted to arrive, and then stood in a half hour line to sign up. The earliest time available at that point was 1:10, but we had a 12:30 ADR at Sci Fi. Since we knew we would be returning for the fireworks and dessert party, we picked the 7:10. It worked really well, but we lucked out that there was no rain then - the 1:10 was rained out, as it turns out.

Also, after scheduling JTA I sort of ditched my touring plan. But because I’d made three plans, I ended up memorizing the show times and we did almost everything we wanted. I stuck with air conditioned shows because it was so hot! Bonus - that 7:10 JTA was one of the coolest temperature wise all day.

Agree that JTA makes HS planning a pain.

But, with so little in the way of headliners to do at HS, it’s totally doable.

Agree with others - plan your Must-Dos (TSMM, Frozen, Tot), consider the times of your want-to-dos (BatB, Star Tours, GMR, whatever) then plan your JTA time requests around that. Also, both Frozen and ToT FPP can often be changed in case of conflicts, and you have basically a 1h20 min window for each of your FPP (5 min before until 15 minutes after).

The most liberating thing about the “random” factor of JTA timing is that it takes away the pressure to have EVERY SINGLE SECOND of your day planned. Allow for some down time to stroll, take it in, have snacks, and pee.

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