Jost van Dyke TT14 vs. TT65

Trying to figure out the differences between these two excursions. Would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone in the know. The descriptions on the DCL site are almost identical except:

TT14 is 4 hrs vs. TT65’s 6.5-7 hrs. TT14 is $83 vs. TT65’s $114. TT14 does not include lunch; TT65 does.

So, for TT65’s $31 premium, you apparently get more time at the beach and you get fed.

My questions are:

1.) Approximately how much beach time do you get with TT14?
2.) Do you really get a full 2.5-3 hrs more beach time with TT65?
3.) Is the TT65 lunch any great shakes, or can you do just as well getting food on your own in White Bay? Or alternately, is TT14 a better deal that gets you back to the ship in time to grab a late lunch at Cabanas?

Please and thank you!