Jollywood Nights 2024 - Leaked

WDW has posted for “Seasonal Dancers for Jollywood Nights” on their careers website. It does appear DHS will be offering Jollywood Nights this year. No dates or further information is available at this time


Are you applying?


I haven’t danced in ages!!! I saw these people perform last year. They could kick their ankles up to their ears! Even on my best days I couldn’t do it! (Although I used to be able to do a split drop easily as my “go-to” move to impress at auditions!)


As I recall, you went last year, correct? Do you remember how the lines were for SDD, TSM and MMRR?


I did go!

SDD was one of the few rides that had any line all night. I waited about 30+ minutes.

I did MMRR twice each with a 5 minute wait. I didn’t do TSM, but could’ve walked on. (It kills my arm & shoulder to play that one!)

I rode RotR, MFSR x 2, Star Tours, MMRR x 2,SDD, Saucers, ToT x 2

Food lines were the worst part, They didn’t go down until after 10:30pm - 11pm. Even then a couple “popular” stands still had waits.

I stopped into Oga’s (no one was there, but me and 2 other guests) It was nice, but I had to “slam” my drink in order to keep moving. I didn’t have ANY time to explore SW:GE other than getting my photo at the Millennium Flacon

I watched The Muppets Show and most of JBJB!

Because of the long queues at the special food stands I stopped and ate at Woody’s Lunchbox as it had no queue. I did get to eat at the savory funnel cakes stand after 11pm. I could’ve gotten one more special food item right before close. However, I choose a repeat ride on ToT as it was right at 11:55pm.

I loved not having to use G+ or ILL, but the event was too short. They let us in at 7pm. They should have started at 5pm like MVMCP.


Very helpful. Thank you

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Here’s my “live” trip report if that will help. I’ve linked where the Jollywood part starts


Remember, that first night had lots of negative comments due to lots of things - uneven quality of “special” music, long lines for food and drinks, very long lines for character meets, confusion over where to go to get the party wristband and lanyard, etc @darkmite2 was there, as were several other Liners and DH and I.

People didn’t really know what this event was - a dress-up party? or just another AH event?

Read articles/reviews from a couple weeks later, things got progressively better. DH and I had another HS day, so we focused on the special entertainment, a few food/drink items, and a few “must-do” rides. Not character meets. Plus we met quite a few other Liners!!


TBH - I’d do it again! Before this party, I hadn’t been back to DHS since 2018 / COVID. To be able to “speed run” all the attractions I wanted + my first RotR & MMRR was so much fun!! I could’ve done RnR and TSM to “complete” the attractions, but wanted repeats on a couple things. I’m glad I did as my second flight on MFSR was 100% solo!! I did pretty well with the automated bots doing the other controls! I’ll never want to ride it with other people ever again!! :rofl: :rofl:

Again…I just needed like 2 more hours to allow time to eat and meet at least one character (or sit down for a few minutes!!)


I did Jollywood, and I am getting ready to do HS after hours. I’ll be interested in comparing the two.

I loved both shows.


I also did Jollywood and really enjoyed it. It does need to be at least one hour longer as we really had to pick and choose! We were able to ride every ride (skipped ASS) as a walk-on including slinky and were lucky that we did not face long lines for the QS special foods. We loved all the food we tried. We also did both shows but didn’t do any character meet n greets due to lack of time. Like @heathernoel we are also going to after hours and will be interesting to compare! I would definitely go to Jollywood again, and hope I get the chance of it comes back in 2025 (not gonna happen this year).


Does anyone recall how much it cost and how frequently it was offered? Did it start in November? This could influence when I go. HS is my favorite park by FAR and the opportunity to repeat favorites would be out of this world!

Yes it started in Nov. but there were less nights total offered than MVMCP

I don’t remember exactly how much cost but I think it was pretty in line with MVMCP and over $100

Also I enjoyed it a lot. I liked both shows and I’d never seen JBJB and I loved that too. We focused on the three shows. Briefly caught a couple live performers. Tried some of the special foods in ABCC and rode rides (SDD, ToT and RnRC).


2023 details: We could enter at 7:00, just 90 minutes before the event, unlike MVMCP.

Ticket prices range from $159 – $179 per person, with a $10 discount available to Walt Disney World Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members.

Disney Jollywood Nights 2023 dates were:
November: 11, 18, 20, 27, 29
December: 4, 6,16,18, 20

Disney Jollywood Nights was a new, separately ticketed event that took place from 8:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. on 10 select nights, November 11 - December 20, 2023.


Hopefully they get it right from night 1 this year!

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I am interested to see how they improve it this year. Even though it improved somewhat over the weeks, it never really hit the mark people were expecting. I think reviews improved more because people adjusted expectations than because of explicit changes Disney made.

I expect Disney will improve things this year. We want to give it a try in 2025…but that will depend on whether they learned from their mistakes last year… I suspect they will.


Did you attend last year?

They made a ton of changes after the first night. All of the characters they have at After Hours now are because they were added at Jollywood. They added a DJ (huge atmosphere change) and lit up dark corners.

The one thing that continued to get panned was the experience at Hollywood Brown Derby. And that they could fix.

I think people did adjust expectations. But Disney met them more than halfway, it wasn’t just expectations being lowered.

They need to give people more time in the parks. And a few other small tweaks, and otherwise, I think they’ve got it.


A ride overlay or 2 would do wonders to spread out the crowds. I also think adding something for Life Day in GE would be a big hit! Maybe even just a short show on one of the “stages” that repeats a few times during the night.


Totally! When I was in SW:GE after 10pm I was literally the only person in most areas. I walked on to MFSR with NO ONE in the preshow, except me. I got my own cabin! I walked into Oga’s and the CMs were THRILLED someone wanted to come in.

It was my first visit to Batuu and it was pretty, but it was also empty of performers and such. They need something to draw people back there for sure!!

Maybe a RnR with Aerosmith Christmas songs?? I think they have done a few Christmas covers like “Santa Claus is coming to Town” & “Run, Run Rudolph!”

Maybe some fun songs & lights on SDD?

On Dec. 4th I paid $159 + tax = $183

Totally agree!! They just need a way to thin out food & character queue or provide more time


Love these ideas. That is exactly the kind of thing.

Start with holiday music at ASS as the very easiest. But definitely do more than that :joy: