Joining TS walk-up list from MDE?

We went on the app to look at the Sanaa menu for carryout and were surprised to see the option to join the walk-up line virtually.

Does anyone know if that’s a thing everywhere?

They are trying it out at select locations. I don’t know which though

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Well, it works pretty well at Sanaa. I hope they roll it out to more locations, and that it’s permanent.

I believe The Wave and maybe Captn Cooks might be joining - someone noticed those seem to have been updated in the app but not active yet.

Do you mean The Wave and Capt Cooks are doing the TS take out? Does Capt Cooks not do mobile order already?

I thought the walk-up line thing was fully rolled out at a bunch of the DS TS restaurants?

Yes, the walk-up feature is to get a seat at a table. That is in place for most of the park TS restaurants now I believe.

More places are being added to the take-out from a TS restaurant now too, like at Sana’a.

This DFB article explains it all with screen shots of the app.

And it’s now at Kona Cafe (sorry, got confused) and the Wave, or will be. There seems to be some confusion as to whether it’s actually started or not!

I think this actually is what the OP is referring to, but I would love to see BOTH options at more TS restaurants! Beaches and Cream seems an ideal TS Take-Out setup to take out a nice tuna melt and eat by the pool! (Not speaking for my own personal gain or anything.)

Perish the thought! :joy::joy:

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Yes, I meant being able to get a table.

We did carryout at both Kona and Sanaa as well, though.

Walk-up line is also available at Beaches and Cream. We were able to get a spot, for a party of 8, at 12:30 for lunch :blush: