John Z

This may have already been discussed, but is there a touring plan for Hollywood Studios for Disneyworld Hotel Guests taking into account the Early, Early, Early magic hours?
Thanks for the help. My wife and I going to WDW at the end of the month for a recon tour before we take the whole family at the end of December.


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Welcome to the forums John.

You will get more response to your question if you modify the title to something like ‘Touring Plan for EEMH’ so that people know what it is. You can do that by clicking on the pencil next to the title.

I’m not aware of Touring Plans producing a specific plan. Most of us here use personalised plans - you can copy a preset one for your date and then alter it to suit you. You can then optimise to get the shortest total wait time across the whole day, or evaluate to see how long the waits are in the order you have. Or you can just start from scratch.


I agree that you should create a personal touring plan. You can set the hours and it will help you. Be aware that new attractions might not have enough data to predict exact wait times, so I would always give them priority.

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People are reporting wait times of less that 20 minutes, often walk-on, for every attraction in DHS before 8am. At this point any plan starting at 6am - 8am is really more of a “checklist” than anything else.

However, EEMH ends Nov. 2, 2019. WDW has not made any announcements if it will continue beyond that. It’s hard to predict if EEMH will continue once RotR opens Dec. 5th as crowds have been so low during the premiere of SWGE.