Jingle Bell! Jingle Bam! Returning for 2017?

I am planning a Dec 2017 trip and would be visiting HS just to do all the Star Wars stuff. Has anyone heard if Jingle Bell Jingle Bam! will be returning this holiday season or will they continue with Star Wars fireworks?

I’ve not heard one way or the other yet.

Parks calendar is showing Jingle Bell Jingle Bam showing at 8pm on the nights I checked in December.

It’s at 6:30 on some of the other nights, with F! at 7:00 and SWAGS at 9:00. So it sounds like maybe both, starting 12/17?

EDIT: Aaarrrgghh! Now, when I look this morning, JBJB isn’t even listed among the HS offerings anywhere on Disney’s site! And SWAGS is now listed as also being on Friday 12/15. Just goes to show how much they mess with their listings. Stay tuned, this isn’t done yet.

Oh wow! We will be there the 3rd-10th…looks like we won’t get so lucky :confused:

It’s definitely come back this year. Last year it started somewhere around Thanksgiving *when all of the other WDW special events start) and ran through New Years. I think it’s a pretty safe guess that it will be the same this year. The biggest questions are if it will be every night and if it will be in addition to the SW show, or in place of it. I’ve not seen any reliable source that has answered these questions…

It was just announced. It will be back starting in early November

Sorry, I started a new thread about booking for the Desert Party. Didn’t see this one, despite having already posted on it!

I also posted the timings both during the Star Wars break, and once it returns.

JBJB only Nov 4th -Dec 14th. After that JBJB will be at 6:30 and SW will be at either 9:00 or 10:00.