Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam 2016 Review?

Hi Touring Plans Family! Did anyone see Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam last year? I just say the Touring Plans blog post that it is returning this year and it will replace the Star Wars fireworks during the time that we are visiting. SO BUMMED! If anyone saw this last year, I would love a review. I’m thinking we might change our touring plan and just visit HS from rope drop to early afternoon and not try to return in the evening. Thoughts?

I was there last year at Christmas and felt the same way you do. I did not know the little elf characters - crash and ?? , but I must say, it is impressive. It is fun and Christmasy, which is a nice change from overly Princess or just plain themed. I really loved it and was amazed at the technology used to put it on.

HS doesnt have much to offer right now, I agree, but I might go afternoon and stay for evening to catch this show.

Here’s a video; you can judge for yourself

Just remember, all shows are better live than on video…

Thanks for review. I was wondering for editing touring plan, can watch jingle bell show at 8 and still get a seat for fantasmic show at 8:30? We’ve never seen Fantasmic so thought we should check that box. But we’re coming in December to see all the special Disney Christmas shows and decor.

Has anyone done both these or know the fantasmic logistics enough to offer tips?


I would say that if you have a Fantasmic Dining Package, you could probably do both, but it would be dicey if you just try to see Fantasmic SB.

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I do not think you can do both on one night. We actually booked two evenings at HS for this purpose alone last year. And JBJB is fun, but if you have not seen Fantasmic and you are picking one, Hands Down choose Fantasmic, HOliday or no Holiday.

Fantasmic is just awesome - everytime. The first time, it will blow your mind!

The crowds at night during holidays is NUTS! We were there Dec. 14-20 I think last year - not even Christmas day and the crowds in no way would allow even moving between those two spots quickly, much less getting a seat. I would get to Fantasmic’s 8:30 show at 8, or you may not get a seat. It is a VERY long que, and a huge stadium. You cannot show up at 8:25 and get a seat during holidays, has been my experience.

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