Jingle bell bam or Fantasmic

Hi all

Wondering if you can do Fantasmic and Jingle Bell Bam, or if you should pick just one? And if so, which one to pick?!
Thought my DHS plans were sorted, appears not :smirk::joy:


When are the two scheduled?

Getting from Fantasmic to JBJB is difficult if there’s 30 minutes between them. JBJB is a projection based show (like the Star Wars one is) so you really need to be able to see the front of the Chinese Theatre. Otherwise you’d just see the fireworks.

If you can give us the timings of both shows for the date(s) you’ll be there we can probably give you a better answer. The timings around Christmas do change about so you may be in luck.

So far according to MDE they are 8pm for JBJB and 830 for Fantasmic on Dec 3.
Our kids are 8 & 5 if that helps, I’ve heard Fantasmic can be a little on the frightening side?

At that age I agree that Fantasmic could be a bit too overwhelming. And you end up sitting waiting for a while before it starts too, which doesn’t help.

I would do JBJB, with the caveat that I haven’t seen it, but in any case there are meant to be changes to it this year anyway. We went when they were showing SW first @ 6 or 6:30, then F! @ 8 and then JBJB afterwards; we did the first two.

I don’t think you’d be able to do both and take them in fully. I would pick one.

And if it were me, I would pick Jingle Bell Jingle Bam unless you think you’ll go again during the Christmas season. My rationale is that Fantasmic (at this point) is there many nights each week while JBJB is a limited time offering.

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I’m doing fantasmic while I’m there.

Yes, jbjb is limited, but so is our availability to come back to see fantasmic.

My kids are also not into Santa at all. They might enjoy it, might not… But I know they will like fantasmic. I would look on YouTube and see what you think you’re kids will like best and go with that.

Yes, always important to assess the big picture for your travel party.