Jingle Bam replace Star Wars?

When HS switches to Jingle Bell Jingle Bam for the holidays does that mean there is no Star Wars fireworks/projection show?

Correct, no Star Wars show during the holidays.

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Ack! My boys are going to be so bummed.

A friend of mine had to deal with the same thing last Christmas. She had hyped up the Star Wars show, then found out it was not going to be there. She got her son who was 5 at the time to watch Prep & Landing and it made him excited to see Jingle Bam.

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I had no idea it replaced the Star Wars show! This info is helpful for my planning - thanks!



The answer is, it depends when you go.

For the last two years, since JBJB was introduced, it did indeed replace Star Wars from sometime post Thanksgiving (I think) to about a week or so before Christmas.

But for the week before Christmas and the week up to New Year, they show both every night.

So it isn’t the case there’s no Star Wars show during the Holidays. Only during the pre-Holidays period.

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As much as I wanted to see the Star Wars show, I really enjoyed Jingle Bam. I’m a Christmas nut and loved the look and feel of HS during the holidays. It “snows” on Sunset Blvd. & the projections on ToT are fun. Plus, I love the retro 1950’s decorations. Reminds me of some of my grandmother’s Christmas ornaments.

I was there at Thanksgiving, literally Thanksgiving night, and it was just JBJB.

Yes. They do cancel Star Wars for about 4 weeks, maybe a bit longer.

But they put it back on later, about a week before Christmas.

We saw it twice, once on 27th Dec, and again on 30th.

OK, thanks for that info. We will be there from 11/14-11/21 and right now Touring Plans seems to think our day in HS will only have JBJB, but I will keep an eye on it to make sure.

This is good to know! We would have been tempted to skip it, but that does sound fun!

Don’t skip it. Maybe don’t spend an entire day, but split the day with another park in the morning and head to HS at night. We split with AK in the morning and HS at night. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked HS’s decorations. To me if felt more “Christmas-y” than the other parks next to MK. MK is breath taking, but HS felt more homey. The kids will like the “snow” and the projections, especially if you live where it doesn’t snow often or at all. This Texas girl thought it was pretty neat. Granted, it’s just tiny bubbles, but still it was fun.

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Because we knew it would be tough to stretch HS into an entire day, our initial plan was to rope drop, but then to head to the Beach Club/Boardwalk area for lunch and looking around to kill some time. Then head back to HS for midafternoon and evening. Looks like JBJB is expected to be at 8:00, so it’s thankfully not too late.

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Beaches & Cream would be a fun lunch if you can get an ADR for it. The gingerbread carousel at BC is awesome as is the gingerbread “boardwalk” inside BW. I love the Christmas tree outside BW because it reminds me of my own.

Yes, that’s the plan! Hopefully we can get it. Thanks for the other info. We have never been in that area at all and are excited to stroll around and take it all in.

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Thanks! We will be there from the 27th through the end of the year so this was helpful. Do you know if they still do the “snow” on sunset blvd after Christmas as well?

I think that was new last year, so I don’t know. I would think so, right up to 30th. All the other Christmas stuff lasts till then, so no reason to think it won’t.