Jiko questions

When you go to signature dining such as Jiko, and use the DDP (2 credits), what is included?
Can my kids (who are adventurous eaters and a bit of foodies) order off adult menu?
What is your must try item at Jiko?
Any other tips?

Jiko is an amazing restaurant. My usual “must try” is the wild boar appetizer. There was a report recently that they have had to substitute pork due to issues getting boar. Of course, you would have to pay extra for an appetizer.

An entree, dessert and drink are included. I woukd ask if there are sny limits on what the kids can order but they are wonderful there.


Do you have the regular dining plan or the deluxe?

With the regular plan you will get entree, drink (can be alcoholic or specialty), and dessert. If your kids are 10 or older they can order off of the adult menu. If they are under 10, they will need to order from the kids menu.

On the deluxe dining plan, each person gets an appetizer, entree, drink, and dessert. On the deluxe plan table service credits are not separated into adult & child. So your kids could order kid or adult entrees with this plan regardless of their ages.

RE: Jiko- the wild boar appetizer was amazing. And my filet was probably the best steak I have ever had. There were so many delicious things on the menu though, I’m not sure you could go wrong!


Jiko is fabulous. The wild boar appetizer is great (but not included in the regular dining plan). My favorite entree is the filet but the wagyu strip and lamb are also wonderful. My favorite dessert is the malva pudding.

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It was pork when we were there… still delicious though…


I consider Jiko to be one of the 2 best restaurants in WDW (not counting V&A). Can’t speak to the DDP because I never use it.


It is that combination of flavors!