Jet Blue airlines flights

Oh yeah, no doubt coming to BWI would be silly for you. I was just responding to @SillySamsMom, a fellow BWI-flyer. If I were only 20 minutes from Richmond airport, I’d fly Spirit too! If it gets you from point A to point B in one piece, in the end who really cares, especially when you’re going to see Mickey Mouse on the other side.

That would be my preference :sweat_smile:

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So in case any one cares…I solved my own problem. Assuming the later Jet Blue flight out of RIC remains (and right now it goes into September), we take it a day earlier than planned and then Priceline had Disney Springs hotels for 90 dollars a night (yes I know DME won’t take us there). Cheaper for us to fly out at night on Saturday take cab/Lyft to DS hotel and then again next morning to our Disney Hotel and then have an entire first day in the park. I’m a happy girl!