Jersey week crowds

Now that I have just about convinced myself to get an AP when I go in September, I am thinking that I need to plan another trip right away so I make sure to use it LOL
I would love to do the Christmas party so I looked in Nov & early Dec. First & second weeks of Nov hotels are the same price (Pop Tue-Sat) First week in Dec $60 more. However to fly the second week in Nov is $200 more than the first week & Dec flight is about $170 more.
So - I can’t bring myself to pay over $400 to fly from RI to FL when it is usually about $225. However that first week in Nov is Jersey week.
TP only has it listed on the Thu & Fri of that week & the crowd numbers over all don’t look that bad - however I have seen the whole week classified as 'Jersey Week" in other places and heavy crowds all week.
Since I am not tied to any specific schedule, I am really torn about that week.
I could go in Jan or Feb (avoiding the school schedule) but I would miss the Christmas party.
So opinions/ideas?

Traditionally Jersey Week was the NJ teachers convention which was Thursday and Friday. Some schools have been shutting down the whole week the past few years.

We’ve been twice during Jersey Week and unless you are trying to fly in/out of the Philly airport (like us)…it is a non event . I wouldn’t worry about it.

Going when the parks are decorated for Christmas is magical. I would suggest to try to go in November/December if possible. We were there during Jersey Week a couple years ago and I didn’t think it was crowded.

I have always wondered how a school vacation in one state out of 50 can have that much of an effect on crowds at one of the biggest international tourist locations in the world. I’ve never been during “Jersey Week”, but it really sounds like an urban legend to me…