Jersey Week 2024 planning questions

Hi all! (Love a group where no one will bat an eye about planning a trip over a year in advance :slight_smile:). We’re planning our 2nd family trip for November 2024 during Jersey Week for WDW and Universal. Here are the factors:
Dates: Saturday November 2-Sunday November 10th
Parks: 2-3 days in Universal (planning on Express Pass), 4 in WDW (will stay on-site). We won’t do park time on arrival or departure days

I’m really stuck on the order and would love input from folks who have been to WDW that week! Most districts have off the second half of that week, so for families who aren’t pulling kids from school and doing shorter trips, Thursday-Sunday is likely to be busier. But the first weekend may be a race weekend (Food and Wine) at WDW. Also, Disney’s dining system means that if we go to WDW in the second half of the week, we might be disadvantaged in reservations since folks going the full week will have their window open a few days before.

If you’ve gone during the Food and Wine races or Jersey week, what else should I take into account? And what’s your take on crowds during that time? (This seems the best option over summer, Easter, and Christmas in terms of balancing crowds and weather, so I’m not super worried about crowd levels. Just hoping to get some firsthand takes so I can plan my way around waits!) Thanks so much!


Both my trips have fallen over race weekend but not Jersey week. So I can give my perspective on race weekend. Don’t go to Epcot on Sunday. Also pick parks that it’s easy to get to. So for us we first stayed at beach club then moved to wilderness. During the main race weekend we focused on magic Kingdom, so it was easy not needing to mess with busses. That’s my biggest advice if you can. If not plan a later start on marathon day as to not be stressed about getting to the parks.

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From everything I’ve read, Jersey week(s) bring in some crowds but your not at 10’s. Your not at 2-3s either. But do those days even exist anymore?
The race weekend during Food and Wine can get a little hectic. If dining plans are an issue make a burner reservation to be inside the 60+10. There is a thread or 2 about this. Iirc, @Wahoohokie was in on this thread. But it was a while back and I could be wrong :grimacing:

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