We’d like to visit Jellyrolls but my youngest misses the 21 yo mark by two weeks. Which is ironic because I think he’d love the music more than the rest of us, and he’s a teetotaler. How hard to they card? It would be the five of us- two parents and three adult kids.



They do ask for ID from everyone. It is an over 21 venue.


I am rather old and they asked for my ID.


At what age does one stop feeling insulted by ID requests and feel flattered instead?:joy:


Good question!!
At my age I can’t take it as flattery–I am quite obviously older than 21. Maybe in my 30’s I was still flattered by it?

Sorry about my poor English–I corrected that.


My DD is 25 and as you know one can drink, enter Clubs etc here from 18…well 16 in a restaurant with an adult . She is getting mightily fed up of being ID’d.


My DD knows as well. Kind of a shock coming back here after 3 months over there.


Raglan Road should be okay, though, correct?
Any other venues a young musician might want to visit?
Garden Rocks will be going on but his tastes tends toward classical and jazz.


Virtually any bar on property will be OK. Atlantic Dance Hall is the only other one I can think of, and that’s never been open when I’ve been there. I really wish they would do something with it, Maybe when the gondolas Open, there will be more foot traffic and they’ll decide it’s worthwhile.

If he likes jazz, then The Scat Cats play at The Scat Cat’s Club at Port Orleans FQ. Don’t think it’s every night.

Also YeeHaa Bob plays at River Roost at Port Orleans Riverside. That’s more country / folk though I think.


Ok, so DS20 won’t be able to join us the first night we’re there. That would be a perfect day to visit Jellyrolls. It’s a Tue. in May, the CL is predicted to be 5. How late can we get to Jellyrolls and still get a table? We have a res. at Homecomin’ for 8 pm but I have the trusty Res Finder looking for something a little earlier.