Jedi Training times? Early or later?

Just wondering, assuming an early RD or ADR before the park opens and having your pick of times for Jedi training, is there any advantage to choosing an earlier time versus a time later in the day?

I thought I heard people recommending get an earlier time, but I can’t figure out why. . .

It’s cooler either early or late, and less chance of rain either early or late usually. Also if you get a late slot there’s a chance the kids will be too tired to stay.

We liked 12-2pm time range so we could ride rides in the morning when the crowds are lower. But we also went in December so the heat was not an issue.

I’d only worry about the weather and your own touring plan.

Thanks everyone!!!

We went in February 2016 and had a later mid-afternoon time. It was a looong day in the park, however, my children LOVED it and we took a break from MK the next day. We rode lots of rides earlier in the day AND for the afternoon show the sun was behind the children whereas for the morning shows the sun was directly in front of or overhead the children.

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Great insight, that is exactly the scenario that I am in, in February with an afternoon show scheduled. . .(if I get the slot my plan suggests)

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Also if you haven’t read about “how” to sign up…arrive early, stay to the left and walk briskly WITH your children to the left to sign-up (near Indiana Jones, cast members point the way). Details are located elsewhere. I need to brush up myself as we’re leaving on Friday for Disney and this was one of the things my 8 and 6 year old definitely WANT to do again. Also, the Disney Photographers took fantastic pics of them fighting Darth Vadar, definitely a keepsake!! Enjoy your trip!!

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We were there in February this year and we chose the first time slot. The main reason for this was so we didn’t have to try and plan the whole rest of the day around it because there were too many variables that could end up affecting our getting to the show on time. I didn’t want to have to be a slave to my watch to make sure that we didn’t miss our time slot and give ourselves ample time to get to the show. Instead, we chose to get a pre-RD ADR and signed up for JTA right before our ADR, ate breakfast, and then went right to the show. This meant our most important thing was out of the way and we could just follow along with our plans the rest of the day.


I would avoid first two hours bc then you miss the opportunity to zip around early when the rides have lower wait times. Late morning right before lunch is perfect, in my book. Or right after lunch, but then allow a solid window in case lunch slow. Mid-afternoon would be a long slog, and evening would only work if you’re SURE you can get the fam back after a break. You may want to do 3 different touring plans, just so you have the security of options. Unless you have early ADR, then that is likely overkill.