Jedi Training Signups

Does anyone know if the TsL opening has impacted signups for Jedi training? Easier? More difficult? About the same? Arriving at RD but not EMH


Following for a friend who is refusing to get there at 7am or even 8am…

I am curious about this too.

I’m curious too. I really don’t want to have to arrive at the park at 6:30 am. I can barely get myself / family there at 9 am.

I’ve just seen a report on chat that someone was able to sign up at 9.30 for the 11am show. It’s just one report and could have been a drop out, but it’s promising!

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Since we want an afternoon time (no way am I giving up prime morning time for a show, no matter how much I or my kids love SW), I’m hopeful! I’ll be sure to come back next Thursday and let you know how it went.


Got there at RD, went straight to Jedi sign ups, and there was Zero wait, and all times were still available!


Thanks for reporting back!

I can help a bit…our friends got to DHS around 8:45-9am on Tuesday and went straight for signups, and they got the 4:15 show.

We’ve never done it, so not sure how that compares. I think we will in Oct, my youngest is 12 and so it’s his last chance! (We’ve done it at disneyland more times than I can count)

Do you know if that’s what they were aiming for or the only spot available? I’m curious. I was surprised when my non-SWs fan DD said she wanted to do it, but she loves a good sword fight, so. We’ll be there on a fairly high CL day in March. What I’m hearing through the grape vine is that TSL has not had super long waits after that first weekend. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out over the next few months.

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No, that’s all that was left when they got there. I told her they needed to be at DHS early to sign up for that…but they didn’t make it! I know it was rough, they went back for a nap and back for Jedi. Totally threw a wrench in their plans that day.

I tried. I REALLY TRIED. Some people just have to experience it though!

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Someone on chat got there at 10.30 yesterday and could have any show from the 11.40 onwards so I’m surprised that’s all that was left, though maybe the crowd level was higher.

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