Jedi Training signup quesiton

If we arrive at HS at park opening on a low crowd level day and go straight to JTA signup, how long do you think we should realistically expect to wait in line? We have done it twice and both were very different experiences, first time we arrived about 5 minutes or so after RD and went straight back, whole process took about an hour. Last year we got to HS around 1pm, went to sign up and didn’t wait at all, got the 8pm show though for both kids, we were shocked anything was still available, lol.
They want to do it again this year and we are planning to arrive at RD. Just wondering how much of our morning we can expect that to take up.

Depends. Do you want to be 1st or the 100th in line. Will you be arriving at 8:15am or 8:45am. Do you need a particular time or are you going to be there all day. Do you need to RD something else as well.

I don’t care if we’re the first ones in line, but I don’t want to be there all morning either. We’ll be at HS all day and don’t have plans at this time at least to RD anything else really. Have a breakfast res at 10:30 (Hollywood & Vine) but not worried about being late for that, as I mentioned we were not there before RD last time and the whole process took about an hour.

It’s really hit and miss. On our last trip (CL 9) we arrived about 10 minutes after the park opened, there was nobody in line at all, and we signed up for the first show.

I would guess if you’re at HS 30 minutes before opening, you will probably wait 30 minutes max. But if everyone at RD goes to signups straight away, you could easily wait an hour.