Jedi Training Signup at DLR

I’m helping a friend of mine plan one day at DLR (after one day at DCA). We’ve got her itinerary planned out with the exception of Jedi Training. I am familiar with the process at DHS, but not DLR.
I know it takes place in Tomorrowland…can anyone tell me exactly where the signup is and more importantly…when should they do it? We have Radiator Springs Racers as first thing when they get to the park, but they want to work this in as well.
Thanks everyone!

The sign-up is back between the entrance to Autopia and the Innoventions (can’t remember the new name for the building… something expo?) building. It’s not quite back to that gift shop where the restrooms are, but close to that.

I think people start lining up as soon as they are in the park, but the actual sign-ups start a little later, 10? I’m sure somebody else will know for sure. I haven’t done it but we saw the line still building at 10am. Just don’t remember the exact details.

EDIT: From the Disneyland website:

Registering to Participate in the Show
Younglings who wish to participate in Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple must register before the show.
You must be between 4 and 12 years of age to participate.
Please register at the kiosk located outside the exit to Star Wars Launch Bay. If you are unable to locate the registration kiosk, ask a Cast Member for help.
Registration begins when Disneyland Park opens for the day.
All participants must be present at the time of registration.
Availability is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

I’m realizing now that when we were there the official park open time was 10am, so that’s when the signups started, but many people (50-100) were already lined up since there were EMH that morning.


I’m a little confused about the last part about RSR and also JTA, since it sounds like they are doing one day at each park. Just to be clear, RSR is in DCA and JTA is in Disneyland.

My son just participated in Jedi Training at Disneyland last week. The kiosks for registration are located at the exit of the Star Wars Launch bay, just across from Autopia. If they have their heart set on their child participating, they’ll want to head straight to sign up upon rope drop. We booked it back there (on a Wednesday) and had about a 15 minute wait in front of us.

Something to note: you must have the participating child with you, or you can’t sign up. I saw several people have to leave their place in line because they didn’t realize this. I’m not sure how long it took for the Jedi Training sessions to fill up, but we had our choice of shows to participate in when we made it to the front of the line. By the time we finished registering, the line was wrapped all the way around the building. Not a fun way to spend your first hour at Disneyland.

If they’re worried about the registration eating up too much time even if they get in line right away, assure them that even though it bumped us back 25 minutes or so from the start of our touring plan, we were fine. We walked over to Space Mountain by 9:30 and only waited 10 minutes. From then on we were back on track. It really is a fun experience for kids who are big Star Wars fans.

Thanks everyone! I was familiar w/ the Jedi process at DHS in FL b/c we’ve done that twice but had no idea what to tell her and yes - my mistake in the original post…RSR is at DCA and I forgot at ate time Jedi Training is at DLR. Thanks!!

For those of you that made a personalized plan, did you just alter it at the park once you got your Jedi Training time? This seems like a pain to me. I’m missing the days of gone where you just hoped your kid would get plucked from the audience. Is it really worth all the extra time?