Jedi Training registration with or without EMH? Any recent experience?

Hi all,

I’ve heard varying reports of Jedi training sign ups and was wondering whether anyone has any recent experience? The new TSL attractions means even if we get a FPP for one of them we’ll want to be rope dropping the others, in addition to this two of my kids would like to do the Jedi training.

I emailed Disney and was advised to head to Jedi sign up first and was also told that if we were there for morning EMH we would NOT be allowed to sign up until the park opens for all guests. In theory this could be a good thing as we could head for the two TSL rides that we haven’t got FPP for at rope drop and then get back to sign up for just before 9am.

I’m hesitant though as everyone seems to have a different story on this one and I’ve heard that DHS is a bit of a nightmare on EMH days as there aren’t enough attractions to cope with the crowds. We’re there in April and the predicted crowds at the moment are 4 for the non-EMH day and 6 for the EMH day. I’m hoping to get a Jedi slot between 10-11 as I think the kids might struggle in the heat with the robes on etc and have also read that rain is more likely in the afternoon and the shows are cancelled with even a hint of it!

Playing around with the Touring Plans for our DHS day is a bit of a pain as I don’t know how long sign up will take (read varying reports), don’t know which slot we’ll manage to get and Disney seems to change the times of the slots anyway!

If anyone has any advice and tips that would be great or should I just accept that they’re constantly changing how they manage it and may well do again after I’ve picked a day and got all my FPP anyway!

Thanks, Brizz

Recent reports indicate there is no problem signing up for JTA at any time in the morning. The most recent I’ve read was either yesterday or the day before and the liner said they had an 11am show, and when they went back for it all shows still had spaces for the rest of the day. Of course, if you want an early show you need to get there earlier, but it’s just not filling up like it used to.

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Thanks that’s interesting to know, I don’t suppose you know if they signed up at rope drop do you?

I guess I’m a bit worried that it’ll be crazy busy as we’re going early April during spring break/ Easter hols and Jedi training is a must for my boys!

This is the part that worries me. If this is indeed the case, it’s a change of policy. Jedi Training has opened at EMH in the past. I’m not sure I trust this.

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I know, I’m not sure I trust it! I’ve read lots on various sites about different cast members giving conflicting information about lots of different things!

Steve from TP replied to a message on a youtube video that he thought you could rope drop SDD or TSM and then come back for Jedi sign up………. wish it was available as a tier 2 FP it would make organising a TP so much easier if you could know what you were doing in advance!

I don’t have an update on the specifics of the sign-up process now, but I just wanted to sympathize with you on this bit:

When we went April 2016 for spring break, HS was our first park day and I think I had no fewer than 4 HS plans, 2 that I really hoped we could finagle the other 2 as back-ups if we couldn’t. So I feel ya!!! We ended up getting exactly what we wanted for my first choice plan BUT bc we couldn’t get everyone as efficiently up & going as I had hoped, we arrived at HS only 30 min early to regular park open (no EMH) and by the time we got to the sign-up line it was only 20 min. before but bc it was the single most important thing for my boy we stuck through a 40 min. line for sign-ups. Because we had a TSMM FP for 15 or 30 min. after park opening & weren’t interested in getting to anything else first (we wanted our first ride at WDW to be all together & kids were too short to do RnRC and ToT), I was ok sacrificing those 20 min. And in the end it was all worth it! Hopefully your sign-up day will be similar!!

I’ve seen plenty of reports of signing up at 9.30 and only the first show (9.40 if I remember rightly) being full, but you never know. We always sign up at EMH.

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Thank you! My lot are keen on doing (almost) everything which is part of the problem fitting it all in with FPs! Add to that my eldest will be 14 so can’t do Jedi Training so I need to make sure we do ToT and RnRC (he loved them in Paris when he was 9!) otherwise he’ll feel a bit grumpy about the day, he’s not into the other star wars stuff as much as the younger two but I think he’ll like the TSL attractions, Indy stunt show and RnR on repeat!

We are generally not morning people but am hoping to use the jet lag to our advantage and get lots done with rope drop first week. That’s the theory anyway!

We signed up at EMH a few weeks ago. It was a Sunday and the park was very busy (CL of 8). We were early at the park and among the first people in line to sign up our two eldest daughters. By 9:20 am there were only a couple of spots left for the very last show of the day and by 9:30 they were full for the day. I do think on less busy days there are still plenty of spots left at 9:30am.

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Thank you, useful to have a different perspective.

How long did the sign up take you? What rides did you go for after sign up and how were the wait times?

The sign up was fairly fast - about 15 minutes. They were well organized and lined up the parents and children; asked the children a few questions to make sure they could follow directions. I had booked FPs for the evening in order not to have conflict with whatever time they could do Jedi Training. We went straight to Toy Story Land after, it was already packed (line for Slinky Dog Dash was 105 minutes at 8:20 am!) but we rode Alien Swirlien Saucers with about a 20 minute wait, and Toy Story Mania was about a 30 min wait. Non Toy Story Land attractions had much better wait times (10-15 min in general).

Has anyone been recently on an EMH day? Did you sign up for JTA at 8am or were you told to come back for sign up at 9am?

Thanks, Brizz

Sign up has always been at the start of EMH. No reason to think that has changed.

Apart from the fact that a cast member emailed me to say that we could not sign up until the park opened to all guests! But I’ve received so much contradictory information from them - including disagreeing with information on their own website that I don’t know what to think anymore… The planning of my DHS day is the most complicated of the lot!