Jedi Training Question: How Early Before Showtime

We’re hoping to get our 5yo signed up for Jedi Training during our visit in October. If we are able to get on the list, does anyone know offhand how early before show time the little ones need to be present, and where the meeting spot is? I know we’ll be told this if/when we get in, but I am trying to provide guidance to my significant other for ideal times and need to know the procedures to provide a prioritized list. :slight_smile:


According to this, 30 minutes beforehand:

I would also like to sign our son up for Jedi Training. Does anyone know if we can sign-up during EEMH? We will be there in September and plan to RD.
What time does the sign-up begin?

We did this last year and signed up for the 4:20 show time. We were told to be back at 3:50 so 30 minutes prior. Several others showed up later than we did, but we were able to pick our line so that we got to fight Darth Vader rather than Kylo Ren. You meet back at the same spot you signed up; at least that is how it was last September.

Thank you!

I don’t know if I’m okay with my child fighting Darth Vader. I saw what he did to those younglings.

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We had their midichlorian count tested beforehand. They were also well over 20,000. They held their own. The force is even stronger in multiples!

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