Jedi Training in January 2018

Can someone provide some more recent experiences with signing up for Jedi Training? The only posts I was finding were about about year old. Is it better to go on a day with EMHs or a day with a lower crowd level ? How long before rope drop do we need to arrive to get a morning slot? Are they doing sign-ups outside the park before rope drop or do you have to run to the outpost?


I was just there in October. The day we went to sign up was an early EMH day with I think a crowd level of 7. Just my son and I went for sign up (which made the process much simpler for us and fun to have alone time with my son. He was soooo excited!) We arrived at the gate about 30 min before the 8am opening. You sign up inside the park near the Indiana Jones show. There are signs showing you where to go. As soon as the rope dropped to be let into the park, some people were actually sprinting to the line (while cast members kept asking for everyone to walk). My son and I walked and were only about 15 people back in line. One time slot was filled by the time we signed up but otherwise we had our pick. I think the EMH did help us. Or I know some people do PPO at Hollywood and Vine.
The extra hastle of signing up was definitely worth it. Watching my son in the show was a highlight of our day. He loved it and had so much fun! Darth Vader and Darth Maul are just too cool! Afterward we rode Star Tours and he made his own light saber in the gift shop. I definitely recommend the Jedi training!


thanks for the report!

Thank you so much! This was very helpful!